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315 South Ash St.

Suite 100

Aztec, NM. 87410



Yearbooks on sale now!!!

If you are interested in our new yearbook and/or years past, they are on sale and you can purchase them at http://vistanueva.picaboo.com

Today: 9/20/18

Glad You Are Here

things that set us apart

One of the things that sets Vista Nueva High School apart from other high schools is the teachers. They play a big role in the academic success of the students. However, we need to have the drive to change our bad habits ourselves. The smaller classrooms don't allow us to sit at the back and hide from engagement, or let us slip through the cracks.


kindness is the language which

the deaf can hear and

the blind can see

                                    ---Mark Twain  

NEW Bell Schedule 2018-2019

Vista Nueva Bell Schedule 2017-2018
Monday   Tuesday-Friday   2-hour delay  
Forum 8:00-8:50 1st Period 8:00-9:30 1st Period 10:00-11:10
1st Period 8:55-9:45 Vista 9:35-10:05 2nd Period 11:15-12:25
2nd Period 9:50-11:20 2nd Period 10:10-11:40 Lunch 12:25-12:55
Lunch 11:20-11:50 Lunch 11:40-12:10 3rd  Period 12:57-2:05
3rd Period 11:52-12:40 3rd Period 12:12-1:40 4th Period 2:10-3:15
4th Period 12:45-1:35 4th Period 1:45-3:15    


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Chris Stapleton


Welcome to Vista Nueva

Vista Nueva is an alternative high school setting that focuses on a new view of learning. We collaborate with a staff that feels like family and students who strive to achieve what they never thought was possible. Students feel more at home with a smaller community of peers and we provide one teacher for each specific subject. We build relationships not only with eachother but with our Aztec community as well. Vista Nueva provides a "blank sheet" for new students because we feel to grow with one another we must put aside judgement and focus on what lies ahead as far as our education and maturity as respectuful individuals.

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Vista Nueva is a Professional Learning Community


student answers to the question: what do you like at Vista?

Donnette Albo - "More one on one, and more forgiving when making up work." Her favorite teacher is Ms. Zarko because she has lots of projects and more fun work.


Luke Woten- "Better environment at Vista than AHS. The peers and the teachers are more lenient. I don't like how small it is but overall like the school." His favorite teacher is Mr.Gill because his teaching style is different than all other math teachers he's had and its easier to learn from him.

Gerald Gonzales - "One on one learning, the teachers help more at Vista. Better peer environment and more communication." His favorite teacher is Mr.Gill because he is understanding and helps a lot so you can get work done.